Workshop: Theatre games to transform our thoughts in action

Theatre games to transform our thoughts in action. 
Moving and being moved through the experience of “Here and now”

Agustina Villanueva (ARG), actress, teacher, founder of INTERACTO
Paula Lima (ARG/NL), actress and teacher, founder of INTERACTRO  

We are a set of different features, diverse dimensions that interact in different moments according different circumstances. How can we accept diversity in the world if we cannot accept the diversity in ourselves? A place from where we can be present here and now, with all our abilities and difficulties.

By playing roles, using rhythm and making use of our imagination and body language, we will be present in this dimension that we call “here and now”, and we will wake up our creativity and discover new ways to approach to each other.
By playing gives the possibility to rediscover the world from action. And words don’t define us but our actions, so it’s good to find ourselves in a self-developmental exercise in which we become more rounded, less insular people.