Workshop Supervision-on-Supervision (in 2 parts)

Supervision-on-supervision, an international exploration in search of its essentials

Louis van Kessel (NL), trainer, supervisor, coach and Founding-president of ANSE Supervision-on supervision is seen as the cornerstone of training programs for supervisors and it is a prerequisite to obtain a registration as a supervisor at the national association. It is performed by training supervisors (those who carrying out the supervision-on-supervision). Because of traditions and methodological orientations, as well as because of certain contextual factors, concepts and practices in the various ANSE-countries differ. Due to lack of explication in written form and deliberate exchange of experiences, these are largely unknown and therefore not reflected in an international discourse at ANSE-level.

This workshop invites practicing training supervisors - and those who soon would be - to present their own practice(-experiences) and which concepts are underlying. In the process

of information exchange, and by its examination, the essentials of supervision-on-supervision will be formulated as useful to improve practices and policies of the training programs for


Please note: this workshop takes place in two parts during this day. Second part continues in the afternoon from 15.00. Joining an organised excursion will not be possible.