Workshop: Strangeness in town-halls

Strangeness in town-halls; supervising local administrators under German Asylum Seekers Act

Volker Walpuski, M.A. M.A. (D),Lecturer Hochschule Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Supervisor, coach, certified mediator

Presentation of a case out of the work of Volker Walpuski as a supervisor in a municipality. The supervision process accompanied a team of municipal social workers and administrative officers during last year’s rush of refugees. The focus of this case study should be on phenomena of mirroring of strangeness and uncertainty among the involved persons and teams. Presented will be the German municipality’s structure, organisational cultures and strangeness within an organisation, social issues in a highly dynamic field, differentation of society into functional units, and the necessities of professional identities. Discovered will be aspects of individual, team and organisational level.