Workshop: Speed date: BODY talk

Michelle Kurzenacker (NL), supervisor, lecturer for several Master Programs in the Arts & Therapy 

Every BODY has a story to tell. During this workshop you will ‘speed date’ your own personal Body Narrative by learning about the Body memory and it’s impact of your professional attitude. The theme of SCHAME will be experienced and can teach us how to generate acceptance, self-compassion and personal space within the work with groups. How to share or mirror delicate themes within teams and groups in a respectful way? We explore and get in touch with our Body sensations that mirror our ‘inner voice’ in order to anchor and ground ourselves within ‘speechless’ situations.

At the end of this ‘speed date’ you will understand and have experiences that our Body, feelings and sensations as well as our felt Self is not a luxury but the bridge to tolerance in your practice as coach and supervisor.