Workshop: Invitation to the dance

Gerbrand Kloppenburg MSc MA (NL), counselor, O.D. Consultant
Hennie Ravelli  Mbk (NL), Counselor, Supervisor, Coach 

A crucial aspect of coaching supervision is to adress developmental issues arising from the cases presented by coaches and consultants. A specific class are issues connected to the organisational context in which coaches and consultants operate. The present focus on accountability and control is at odds with the trust a professional worker deserves. 

How can a coaching supervisor tackle this issue? How can we invite, tempt, guide, entice, activate or support the coach or consultant to engage with these issues? To invite them to ‘a dance’ with the coaching supervisor, to a dance that prepares them for the ‘organisational dancefloor’ they face during their work? 

The trustfull relationship, the solid ground underlying the Dutch supervision concept, offers this safe environment to practice dancing. We invite you to experience how the awareness and focus of the supervisor helps the coach/consultant to engage with and to define their stance towards these issues.