Sustainable Learning

Type: Nieuws
Datum: 29 May 2017

At the upcoming Summer University, one of the keynote speakers is Adrienne Goehler. She works as a publicist and curator in Berlin. Next to her work as a scientist, she is also an activist on sustainability and aesthetics. She wrote for instance: Conceptual Thoughts on Establishing a Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability, published in 2012:

Theme of the Summer University is “Moving and being moved”. As an educational scientist and coach/supervisor, I am moved by her note about sustainability, the protection of our planet and the potential of art as a medium on change. The paragraph on sustainable learning, page 39,  starts with the following words: Sustainability needs new forms of learning. Citation: ‘Learning successes are not just crowned by way of grades, but culminate in public presentations and applause. Aesthetic education means sensitive, perceptive, creative education, which, in the words of Hannah Arendt, culminates in creative action”, page 40. As educator, coach and supervisor, different questions arise. 

I would like to open a discussion on this topic. We can make the Summer University an experience for three days or we can make it a more sustainable learning experience. I prefer the second: a long term learning experience. To help me achieve a more sustainable learning experience I want to open a discussion on the following topic: 

- How do we facilitate learning successes for our students (people we work with)?

- And, as we use creative methods in our work, are we working on new ways of learning and in the end, sustainability?

- Are we, as educators or coaches, enough aware of our responsibilities for a sustainable society? I don’t think so. But I don’t have the answers yet.

Who wants to join me, with a discussion, and develop some focused questions for our keynote speaker?

You can email me (in English or Dutch) at Or you can join the discussion in the LVSC LinkedIn-group that I will start soon. 

Liesbeth Kool
Member Commitee Development