Shaping the future

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Datum: 31 March 2022
The Netherlands is becoming an increasingly multicultural country and this is also reflected in the growing number of international members of the LVSC. Since diversity is one of the pillars of shaping the future, the international members can add to the diversity aspect within the LVSC.

I was born in Martinique (a French island in the Caribbean) and have been living in the Netherlands for 15 years. I recently joined the LVSC as an international member, and I want to give you an insight into how working in a multi-cultural group has shaped and enriched me as a person and as a coach.

Our coaching training at the ACC* is such a shaping experience. The diversity of our English-speaking group included differences in geographical origins, religious beliefs, language, sexual orientation, profession, and education. The richness of the experience exemplified the so-called multiculturalism ‘salad bowl’ theory2 .

The value of multiculturalism during coaching training was captured in a training session focused on the impact of sexual orientation at work. The three participants had different sexual orientations. Through the exercise and the debriefing that followed, we looked at similar events through three sets of lenses. Lenses are shaped by our metaphors, in this case, sexual orientation. Was this a transformational experience for the coachee or observer? I do not think so. However, for me (coach) it was.

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