Our support for Ukranian colleagues

Type: Nieuws
Datum: 03 March 2022

Dear colleagues from Ukraine,

On behalf of the board of the LVSC, the Dutch Association for Supervision and Coaching, our office and our 2200 members, we want to let you know that our thoughts are with you. We are deeply affected by what is happening in your country.

We feel sorrow and pain for the people that have to flee, are fighting for your country , are trapped in gunfire and for all those who are in danger and in uncertain circumstances. We acknowledge the pain of those who lost their loved ones.

We are shocked that this is happening in Europe and in the world. Know, that we stand with you. No one has the right to attack a free country like this! The world is no longer the same after this week.

We want to be a community around you, sit and listen to your stories. We can never take away your pain and trauma. Yet, we want to share this with you as much as we can and we carry the burden with you. Our ears,hearts, eyes, thoughts, feelings and my personal prayers are with you in these dark moments.

On behalf of the board of the LVSC,

Ton Vegt

Vice President