Moving services Online - Kate Anthony​​​​​​

At the upcoming Summer University, Kate Anthony will lead a workshop, together with dr. Stephen Goss, on benefits and pitfalls of Supervision and Coaching over the Internet. 

Kate is coach and co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute. She is a qualified psychotherapist, managing editor of TILT Magazine (Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology), and also involved on the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board. Her special interest is online therapy and cyberculture. She has written several articles as shown at her website.  

More information:

  • One of her  articles is about an ethical framework for the use of technology in supervision:

Stretch, L.S., Nagel, D.M & Anthony, K (2013). Ethical Framework for the Use of Technology in Supervision. Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology. Volume 3, Issue 2: 39-45. Read article online.

  • On youtube she has a video on therapy in virtual environments.  
  • An interesting podcast, for the listeners among us: an interview with Kate, where she’s telling about her opinions on the future of online therapy. 
  • On LinkedIn you can participate in a discussion about one of Kate’s statements.