European Journal for Supervision and Coaching, Volume 6 - 2022 Issue 1

Type: Nieuws
Datum: 09 June 2022
The new European Journal for Supervision and Coaching from ANSE is published. 

The topic of this issue is history. But what is history? There are many academic papers on the nature of history, but in the end most of these seem to boil down to this: history is something that is ‘made’ today, recorded tomorrow and reflected on the day after, if at all. History itself is subject to history – or to be more precise – historiography is historical and thus subject to debate today, recording tomorrow and reflection the day after.....


Nicolas Mathieu - Who wil guard the guards? 

Wolfgang Knopf & Sijtze de Roos - ANSE 25 years

Nobantu Mpotulo - Evolution of coaching and the practice of ancient African Wisdom of Ubuntu

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