Ruth Shortall

Ruth Shortall

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Hello, I’m Ruth. Nice that you are here. Let me tell you what you can expect from me as a coach-counsellor. I believe that coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach and the client. I am your guide on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth. You are in the driving seat. This also means that you are responsible for your own progress. In my coaching approach, I incorporate the attitudes of compassion, non-judgement, curiosity and humour. For each client, I draw not just on my coaching training, but on my own professional experience as a researcher and my life experience. I use tools or methods grounded in research, that I feel are appropriate for you as a unique individual.

My other interests, experience and activities

I have a PhD in environmental science, and over time, my research drew me into the field of psychology, which I find fascinating in its capacity to help realise human potential.

I have personal experience of the challenges of living as an expat, having lived over 10 years abroad myself. Also, having worked in academia for many years, I have direct experience of the challenges of stressful and competitive working environments.

I also worked in the ICT sector for 5 years in both private companies and government organisations and for over 10 years as a university researcher / lecturer, where I have supervised students and served on peer counseling committees.
My education

Bachelor of International Commerce with French from University College Dublin

Masters in Computer Science and Applications from Queen’s University, Belfast.

PhD in Environment and Natural Resources from University of Iceland.

Certificate of Coaching and Counseling from the Academy of Coaching and Counselling in the Netherlands. The Academy of Coaching and Counseling is affiliated with the International Association for Counselling, an International NGO with UN consultative status.


Humanifest Consulting
Humanifest Consulting

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