Oproep kopij ANSE Journal

Type: Nieuws
Datum: 27 February 2018

Na de uitgave van het eerste nummer "Quality" in december 2017 is de redactie van het ANSE Journal op zoek naar nieuwe auteurs voor haar Engelstalige Journal. Lees de oproep van Gerian Dijkhuizen (editor voor NL):

The topic of the next ANSE journal is: "Politics and social responsibility" - effect and influence in and through supervision / coaching.
The social / political situation in Europe is changing. What influence does supervision / coaching have on the development? How political / socially critical should / can supervision be? How do social and political developments influence supervision and coaching?
A very broad, but I think very current topic. Similar to the topic of quality, this topic also offers many starting points. Theoretical reflections, philosophical inputs, case descriptions etc .; Perhaps there is a philosophical approach that is being heavily debated in your country, perhaps there are colleagues who work supervisorically with politicians, surely there are many examples of how social and political developments find their way into the supervision of individuals, groups and teams.
I hope that once again we will come together with a diverse collection of articles which shows how diverse supervision in Europe is and how important it is for individual and systemic reflection processes.

I'm looking forward to everything we'll gather on this topic. The second ANSE journal is due to appear before the summer break. 
Therefore, we need all articles till 31st of May 2018!

Contact Gerian Dijkhuizen if you're interested by: dijkhuizen100@zonnet.nl